This is a newly published book by Martyn and his wife Christine.   They have been collectors of postcards of Wentworth for many years and finally decided to publish them.   The book is printed in green, being the Wentworth colour.   If you look at the houses in Wentworth all the paintwork is green, so it is fitting that the book reflects this.

The book has over 80 pictures of Wentworth ranging from 1902 onwards and several of them are of wonderful old characters going about their work in the village.   It is interesting to spot the differences between the village then and now and trace the many buildings and follies depicted in the book.

This book will bring to life some of the characters that you will have read about in Black Diamonds by Catherine Bailey.  Several pictures present a memorable record of the Christening of William Henry Lawrence Peter, Viscount Milton (the future 8th Earl Fitzwilliam) and the celebrations that followed, together with the thousands of people in the grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse.

Many of the houses of Wentworth are pictured together with the beautiful Paradise Square and the "back front" of Wentworth Woodhouse which is seldom seen.   This is a fascinating insight and record of the Fitzwilliams and the villagers in earlier times and the love and respect that the employees and people of the area had for the family in the "Big House".


This is a limited print run, not to be missed.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.