Martyn's Blog

Had an interesting day on Wednesday showing a film/TV production company from London, around South Yorkshire. I was contacted by them to advise on various matters including old collieries and steel works. It was a long but very enjoyable day, lovely people, very tired.

It's nice for me to know that the people from London appreciated the scenic side of South Yorkshire as well as the industrial side, which surprised them.

We have just received the first draft of my new book What's Tha Up To This Time? I am looking forward to the launch in October this year. I put pen to paper at last to start my next book. Not decided on a title yet.

I had a great day with Christine at Thrybergh Country Park. Look North did a story about beekeeping and, as Christine is a beekeeper, she was asked to do the interview with Ian White from Look North. The weather stayed mostly fine and the bees behaved perfectly.

For the fourth time this year I had to go to London to advise a television production company about policing in the '60's. A lot of people are now wishing that old style policing could come back which has obviously sparked a great debate. I have my own very strong views on the reasons why things have altered so much since my time in the force when we knew almost everyone on our beats and, more importantly, they knew us. That in itself prevented lots of minor crimes from taking place and hugely decreased the amount of time spent in detecting it.

It appals me to know that not one of my three children or any of my six grandchildren know a policeman. WHAT'S GONE WRONG.

Last night I gave a talk to FODCY (Friends of Darfield Church Yard). This friendly group consists of people I have known all my life. What a wonderful thing it is when my 91 year old ex-next door neighbour is brought to the talk just to see me. I have to admit it brought a lump to my throat. FODCY do a wonderful job keeping the church yard trimmed and tidy and also renovating old and crumbling grave stones. I take my hat off to them for the work they do. Being a member of this group my wife and I do what we can to help raise funds to enable the group to carry on with their work.

My talk went very well and we all had a good laugh, we donated money from every book sold on the night. All in all they raised around £240 which is very good for a small association and goes a long way to help.

The next event will be a talk by the famous Ian McMillan on the 17th September in the church hall. It promises to be a good night. All welcome.