I have been beekeeping for almost 15 years and you learn something new every year. Each year is different. One year it might be a good year for honey crops, another it might be a good (or bad depending on which way you look at it) year for swarms, another year it might take all your efforts just to keep your bees fed and healthy. There's always an obstacle to overcome like the varroa mite that need to be dealt with but which ever obstacle that comes along beekeeping is the most worthwhile, fulfilling and heart warming hobby there is. You get fresh air, lovely honey but most of all the satisfaction of keeping your bees healthy. You also know that you are working towards a healthy eco system.

My bees are mostly dark coloured. I can't try to breed the dark bee (sometimes call the British Black Bee) where my bees are situated because of the introduction of queens from other parts of the country by other beekeepers in my area and I'm not complaining. I sometimes think that, like dogs, mongrel bees are the healthiest. I hope that I am proved right.